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Jun.K composing GOT7's Japanese debut song!

140729 JunK 1

Jun. K to provide a musical piece for GOT7!!

Jun. K will provide a musical piece which was written, composed, and produced in total by him for GOT7 whose Japan debut in October has been decided.

The song “SO LUCKY” that Jun. K created will be recorded as the coupling track for their debut single album.

"Jun. K’s comment"

My self-composed song will be recorded for GOT7’s Japan debut single album as the coupling track. The title of the song is “SO LUCKY”!! The recording direction for GOT7 was for the first time, but it was good that I could teach them with groove feeling, breathing and how to put emotions into it while applying my experience. I created the track mainly by the line of acoustic instrument such as piano, guitar and strings. It’s the musical piece that the melody making use of the energetic image of GOT7 and the rap stand out.

This one has the meaning of “Even if people all over the world turn their back to you, I’ll always be there for you. I’m always on your side, so trust me”. That sounds very positive, right? Please look forward to GOT7’s “SO LUCKY”! This was Jun. K of 2PM!

In addition, it has been decided that Jun. K will appear on the final performance of “GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014” at Makuhari Messe on November 5 (Wed), 6 (Thu). Please be excited about “SO LUCKY” that Jun. K’s songwriting power was fully exerted!

Source: Sony Music | Jpn > Eng trans by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet

edit: sorry! i realized the title of the post is a bit misleading. he's not composing their debut title track, but just a song that will be on the single.

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