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Buzz’s Previous Agency Gives Trademark Rights To Santa Music


Buzz will be coming back for the first time in 8 years, and fortunately with the same name under a different agency.

On the 29th of July, their current agency, Santa Music, announced that “Buzz’s previous agency had the rights to the name of the band, but the copyright problem has been solved and they have kindly allowed Buzz to keep their name”.

As Buzz had been with their previous agency since their debut, they decided to fulfill both Buzz’s and their fans’ requests for Buzz to keep their name and continue as Buzz under a different agency.

Santa Music expressed that they hoped Buzz’s case of trademark rights transferral set a good example to other entertainment agencies and musicians as well.

Meanwhile, Buzz has mentioned previously that they will be reuniting some time in August this year, however nothing has yet been confirmed.
source: koreaboo, osen
Tags: comebacks, court / legal issues, old school
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