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Lee Hyori on why she got married to her husband and more news


Lee Hyori Reveals Why She Married Lee Sang Soon

Lee Hyori revealed the reason she decided to marry Lee Sang Soon.

During the July 22 broadcast of SBS’ Magic Eye, Lee Jung Chul, Park Jung Chul and Ji Suk Jin discussed the topic of ‘the things you need to consider before getting married.’

Lee Hyori revealed that Lee Sang Soon was different than her previous boyfriends saying, “I’ve dated men who had no money. But there was a reason why I didn’t end up marrying them. They had an inferiority complex about money. So they would bring me down on purpose.”

“But oppa (Lee Sang Soon) wasn’t like that. He didn’t feel self conscious about the fact that I was making more money,” said Lee Hyori.

Lee Hyori continued to share, “When I went over to Sang Soon oppa’s house during holidays, I would see them playing the yut game and when it was time for everyone to go home, they only said good things to each other. My family always fought when we gathered for a holiday. We would happily gather but always end up fighting each other.”

She continued, “The moment when I decided to marry him was when I saw how my mother and father-in-law still loved each other. Even though they are old in age, they go to a movie theatre in the mornings. Oppa (Lee Sang Soon) told me that he has never seen his parents fight. I’ve seen my parents fight so many times. That′s when I thought that I could trust him.

Lee Hyori Burned All Photos of Her Exes Before She Got Married

Lee Hyori revealed that she burned all the photos of her ex-boyfriends before she got married to Lee Sang Soon.

During July 15’s broadcast of SBS’s Magic Eye, the cast discussed the ‘times when you got angry because of what your parents did.’

Hong Jin Kyung said, “I was really angry one time because of my mom. Before I even set the wedding date with my husband, she threw away all the pictures of me and my ex-boyfriend.”

Upon hearing this, Lee Hyori said, “Isn’t it right to throw away all the pictures (of the ex-boyfriend) if you′re getting married? I burned all of them.”

Bong Tae Gyu then commented, “So was it like making a camp fire?” and Lee Hyori replied, “You could say that it was as if I burned a whole house," causing everyone to laugh.

Lee Hyori Thanks Lee Sang Soon for Marrying Her

Lee Hyori expressed her love towards her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

Lee Hyori guested on July 4’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and send a voice letter to Lee Sang Soon.

Lee Hyori said, “Thank you for marrying me. I actually feel really bad every time I travel to Seoul for recordings and leave you alone in Jeju island. But you know that we’re buying your guitars with the money that I’m making by doing this, right? I will buy you any musical instrument you want.”

When DJ Cultwo asked who manages the money, Lee Hyori answered, “We manage the money together. It’s mostly money that I made so we just manage it together.”

When Cultwo asked, “Don’t you want your husband to make more money?” and Lee Hyori made everyone laugh by saying, “I wish he would go and learn some skills so that he can make money.”
source: mwave 1, 2, 3
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