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Taewan "Good Morning" (feat Verbal Jint & After School's Jooyeon) + Mini Album

Brand New Music’s TAE WAN is returning with his new mini-album ‘As I Am’, after 8 years of break. In this album, he shares stories from his past 8 years of life and musical journey.

The title song ‘Good Morning’ is co-produced by TAE WAN and the team ‘Stay Tuned’ which produced Crush’s ‘Hug Me’ recently. It’s a pop R&B track featuring funky hip-hop beats with simple melodies and cool brass sounds. The song is an extension of the hit song ‘Good Morning feat. Kwon Jungyeol of 10cm’ which is on Verbal Jint’s 5th album. It’s about a couple who receives their monthly pay and plans their day together in excitement. Verbal Jint features the rap part, bringing the song to a higher level of perfection.

Intro-"Luv Melodies"

"History" (feat San E)

"Good Morning" (Feat Verbal Jint, After School's Jooyeon)

"Like This"

"If I Were You"

"Body Work"

"Lie Back" (Feat Young CEO Musique)

"Like This" (English Version)

Sources: Brandnewmusic Youtube, 1theK, MarbleTeethMusic Chart III (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

lol @Jupal's face at 3:40

I'm still jamming out to History, but this mini is great! Some profanity in a couple songs, but it's not overwhelming
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