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CL snags another endorsement deal!

2NE1’s CL is the face of HAZZYS Accesories 2014 F/W Collection

HAZZYS ACCESSORIES, represented by LF, has selected 2NE1 member CL to be their advertisement model for this year’s F/W season.

The brand, which has received a lot of love from the fashion conscious youth in their 20~30s with their youthful and trendy image, has decided on a ‘Soft Punk style’ concept for the 2014 F/W season and is planning to showcase products with a different feel.

CL, with her outstanding skills in rap and singing in addition to charisma and fashion style that is second to none, is regarded as the icon (of celebrities) that girls want to be. HAZZYS ACCESSORIES considers CL to be the one who will be able to express the ‘soft punk’ concept of the 2014 F/W collection best and as HAZZYS’ exclusive model, there are plans for CL to participate in a variety of activities such as their Green Campaign and fan signing event among others.

CL had understood HAZZYS’ concept exactly and carried out the shoot professionally with each cut. In the photo above, CL has expressed HAZZYS’ ‘soft punk’ concept perfectly with that feeling of freedom that only CL has, and with her charisma. Also, at the photoshoot that ended late, CL carried it out without any expressing any feelings of being tired and took on the role of the mood maker which enabled all staff to happily carry out the shoot without getting tired.

The one responsible for HAZZYS ACCESSORIES, CD Jo Bo Myeong says, “CL, who attracts the public with her own colour and possesses charisma, has exceptional skills that makes her the musician that both domestic and foreign artists want to work with the most. HAZZYS ACCESSORIES hopes to strengthen our unique brand identity through our new muse, CL“.

The new products and visuals of HAZZYS ACCESSORIES’ F/W season, that muse CL has added a glamourous shine to, is expected to be revealed at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival on the coming August 1.

Sources: Star News CLthebaddestfemale Kyunghang Naver

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