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Beenzino for Freshness Mag! American Media Debut?


Long known for its incessant depictions of improbable love affair and saccharine lifestyle, fissures are appearing in the once insular world of Korean popular music/culture (commonly categorized as K-Pop). One of the few that dares to deviate from the norm is Lim Sungbin, a star in the small but increasingly popular music genre of K-Hip Hop. Best known by his stage name Beenzino, Lim spent much of his childhood in New Zealand, where he picked up his love of American hip-hop. By the time he moved back to Korea for middle school, Lim was already developing his hip hop persona, one that subsequently became Beenzino, a name Lim derived from his admiration of American rapper Benzino.

by Poe. Read the rest of the article at source.



[Small bit of what I think may be misinformation, though: I remember him saying in past (paaaaaast) interviews that he does not actually listen to Benzino and just started using the name jokingly (and it has since stuck). The "Been" in Beenzino comes from his name which he spells as Lim Sung Been in English.]

via Freshness Mag for article // Cheonbong Ko for photos

*More photos at the source!

Go, Zino, go!
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