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Enlistment News: Lee Dong Wook & Joo Ji Hoon to enlist

Actor Lee Dong Wook will be enlisting in the army for active duty on August 24th at the Nonsan army training center. Lee Dong Wook had just finished filming for his drama, Partner not too long ago and was in the midst of filming for his movie Bean Paste together with Lee Yo Won. But the sudden notice means that it's too late for him to apply for a deferment from the army. Lee Dong Wook will not drop out of the movie though and will continue filming for the movie, until 23rd August.

After pleading guilty to using drugs, actor Joo Ji Hoon received a suspended sentence with one year probation, a fine and 120 hours of community service in June.

It was reported on the 20th that Joo Ji Hoon has successfully completed his 120 hours of community service at a social welfare center in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Since the start of August, Joo Ji Hoon has been spending time with handicapped people and old folks for his 120 hours of community service. Joo Ji Hoon had snipped off his long hair and completed his community service with sincerity and dedication. It was also revealed that Joo Ji Hoon will enlist in the army later this year.

His management agency expressed, "Joo Ji Hoon will enlist in the army as planned. We will inform everyone once the enlistment notice is received from the army. He will reflect deeply on his actions and is sorry for all the trouble that he has created."

With fit and able male stars usually enlisting at the age of 29, Joo Ji Hoon who is 27, will be going in two years earlier. But with his drug offences still fresh in the minds of the public, it's probably a wiser decision to get his military duty over and done with for now.

Source: 1, 2 at allkpop

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