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T-ara Interview!

T-ara's title track 'Lies' in the words of leader Eunjeong is a song about a sad break-up story.

T-ara is the group that debuted to the music world through the arts program, Golden Fishery. Right after the broadcast, fans interest for the group went up, and more interest came up once they debuted their title track for everyone.

However, 'All the controversy that came up about the live performances on the music programs and the drama that Jiyeon is currently working on has blasted us awake of what we really are. We weren't prepared for what our schedule brought for us, and it sometimes becomes extremely tiring' was what T-ara said.

Recently, the girls performed songs from 90's group sensations S.E.S. and Fin.KL. They said that they remember shedding tears when they read that people thought the performance was pure.

Sunbae friends SeeYa and Davichi are always alongside T-ara cheering for them. They always tell T-ara to keep a smile up all the time.

There's been a huge competition between girl groups in the industry recently. Which is why T-ara's agency chose to debut on an arts program versus a music program to boost their ratings up against the others.

'Not too long ago, the girls performed S.E.S.'s 'I'm Your Girl' on the cable music variety show, 'M! Countdown'. Just two days before the performance, we had to rush to rehearsals to know our stage directions and then learn the choreography. But then we realized that 12 years ago, S.E.S.'s concept was very similar to what we have going on right now. The costumes and the music were all very well incorporated with each other, so it was good, haha.'

T-ara's extremely new to the girl group world. The fact that Soyeon being a previous member in Girls' Generation brought up in the internet was another issue for the girls. 'There has been a long history of some of them being together. Even KARA's leader Park Gyuri was a hoobae to one of us in school.'

Boram talked about the first impressions of the members when they were first asked to become a group. 'Leader Eunjeong makes me feel like she's my sister. With Hyomin, I don't think that I can say that we're similar because we're kind of opposites with each other. I thought that our maknae Jiyeon had a very strong charisma. Qri and I came from the same school so that one was a suprise too. Lastly, Soyeon is always doing well with the group and she always makes us feel safer, haha!'

Then Eunjeong talked about her first impressions 'What I know about Boram unnie is that she's quiet, but she's a really nice girl. Qri unnie is the same thing, she's so much deeper a person that what she is outside. Soyeon unnie is just a huge chunk of charm. Jiyeon looks like Kim Taehee. Finally, Hyomin is really princess-like and I like her honesty.'

When asked about how they are living together, Jiyeon said that 'There's accomodation that comes in to our home. Since men cannot really clean outside, women do the job. But when we're not busy or have anything to do, we normally want to clean everything ourselves.'

Obsessed with modern rock, Hyomin can become a writer in the future. Soyeon along with Eunjeong enjoy black music as well as hip-hop and they would want to cover those concepts in the future as well.

T-ara hopes to win the 'Best New Artist Award' in the future. Which is an award that can only be won once in a lifetime. Until that moment comes, the girls will deliver their best onstage and hope of a great future for them.

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They are so precious and sincere! I hope they become very successful! They're such pleasant young girls. They're so honest and have such great heads on their shoulders. :)

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