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Producer Reveals Why A Pink Was Chosen for Season Three of “Showtime”


PD Yoon Mi Jin, the main producer of the popular reality show “Showtime,” has revealed the reason for casting A Pink for the new season.

At a press conference of the show held on August 6, the producer began by talking about their goals for the future: “We are hoping to see ‘Showtime’ grow as a brand, and not as a reality show that is only attached to the artists.”

She continued to talk about the show’s journey so far: “Not even a year has passed [since we started], and we are already working with our third artist. We left an impression with our start, and have now secured a stable position. Having popular idols appear on the show has helped us to build a favorable image for ‘Showtime.’ To secure our growth during season three, we decided to undergo some changes, and thus we chose a girl group instead of a boy group,” and promised, “It will be a great experience to everyone that has been waiting for a girl group.”

As many have been wondering why the show decided to cast A Pink, the producer addressed such questions by saying, “They are the hottest girl group of 2014, that is why,” and continued to explain, “A Pink and the members as individuals are pursuing activities through both variety and dramas, so we thought people might be curious about them. As their curve of success has been soaring since their debut, we chose them as the main characters of our third season.”

The first season of “Showtime” starred male group EXO, and the second season focused on following the daily life of BEAST.

A Pink’s Showtime” will premiere on August 7 at 6PM (KST).

Source: soompi

Who else would you like to see on Showtime? I would want Crayon Pop, 4minute, or Winner after they debut.

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