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FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon, “Lee Jaejin Talks The Most About Girl Groups”

Members of FT Island disclosed secrets about one another.

In a recent recording for KBS 2TVStar Golden Bell“, it was revealed that members, Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin, were the most different on and off stage.

When asked by MC Kim Jedong, “Which member is the most different on and off stage,” Choi Jonghoon revealed, “Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin are both shy but they talked the most about girl groups off stage.”

Lee Jaejin also confessed by saying, “It’s true,” and added, “Choi Jonghoon always hang around the corridor outside the waiting rooms and doesn’t come in because he wants to look at the girl groups.”

On the question, “Which member does the most dirty acts,” Choi Jonghoon revealed that, “Lee Hongki always breaks wind in front of our faces,” and everyone burst into laughter.

Star Golden Bell” will broadcast on 22nd August (pm)

Source: Primanoona

Awww..the maknaes are growing up so fast.
Tags: f.t island, tv shows

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