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Joseph Bitangcol renews bond with ex-girlfriend Sandara Park on her recent visit

Recently, Sandara Park, who holds the monicker as the “National Krung-Krung*” of the Philippines during the peak of her popularity went back to the country to reconnect with her old friends.

As of late, Sandara is steadily gaining popularity in her homeland, South Korea. She is now known as Dara from the all-female group 2NE1.
Before Sandara left the Philippines a couple of years ago, her breakup with fellow teen actor Joseph Bitangcol was a huge issue.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to get a chance to talk to Joseph last Aug. 17 at a media event. Joseph shared on what happened when he met up with Sandara a few days back for an SCQ* reunion.

“When I arrived at the venue where we were supposed to meet, I got excited because it had been such a long time since I last saw her. I immediately wanted to talk to her to give my greetings and congratulate on her success. When we saw each other, of course there was a bit of awkward shyness. But it turned out okay. She also felt shy.”

“I can’t easily begin the conversation with her because for every little chance that I try to initiate the talk, our friends would immediately tease us. They’d begin whispering then they would tease us all over. Then I started the conversation. I asked everything about her current life. I asked how her family is doing. I also asked about the other members of her group (2NE1) like if they are being nice to her. Of course it is a group, it would be hard to avoid jealous fits.”

“When time passed, we managed to bond more. We were supposed to go out again the next day but eventually we had to cancel it because her schedule was so packed and she had to return to Korea soon.

Joseph admitted that his heart fluttered whenever he saw his ex-girlfriend, which was even more so fuelled when they were teased by their friends.

“Our relationship did last for three years. I was happy that we had the SCQ reunion. But of course, I was happy that I was able to see Sandy (Dara’s nickname) whom I haven’t seen for so long because she is now based in South Korea.

Joseph also mentioned that the last time he met up with Dara during the latter part of 2008, she still didn’t have a career in Korea because she was still undergoing training at that time.

“That was the last time I have heard from her then we lost communication which is why I was surprised that her patience eventually paid off.”
What changed about Sandy?

“She really changed a lot from head to foot. Physically-wise and even her stance seemed to change. She really turned stylish. Even her dancing improved. I joked that she could now join us whenever we dance (Dara’s ex is known to be a pretty good dancer) but she simply laughed it off.”

“In the beginning, I only heard about her success from friends or the TV until I decided to search her up on Youtube. I was even able to watch a video where she performed “In or Out” on a program there.”

Joseph said that he is proud of Sandara because even though she had left the Philippines to have a career in Korean show business, she chooses to go back to the country from time to time.

“That is actually the pleasing part because even though she got popular, she never forgets. The fact that she chose to go here when she was given a three day vacation even if she could freely go to other countries. I am very proud of her and I’m admittedly her fan.”

Sandara left good memories for her SCQ friends especially to Joseph. The Korean girl hasn’t changed a bit and even with popularity remains true to herself.

On a final note, PEP asks Joseph if he still has feelings for Sandara. Is there a possibility that they get back together?

“Because of the current state of her career, it would be impossible. But I am not denying the possibility. The feelings are still there. It truly feels different when you see the person. The feeling suddenly comes back. For now, what’s important is that we have good careers. I am okay here and she’s okay there. Only time could tell if we’re truly meant to be.”

T/N: omitted parts about other SCQ people not being able to come and the part about his kissing scene with a guy on a movie.
*Krung-Krung – crazy or weird.
*SCQ – Star Circle Quest, the talent search Dara joined in.

pep ph, source

An online friend asked for the translation of this article and after all that work, I somehow felt compelled to post this up here. Somehow, it could give everyone a glimpse on Dara from a Filipino POV. Please feel free to state if there are translation mistakes.


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