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JYP Entertainment apologizes for disappointment caused by Chansung

After Chansung's litter incident that bursted out yesterday, a representative of JYP Entertainment has stepped out and apologized for Chansung's behavior.

On 2PM's Official Daum Cafe, the representative posted a notice earlier today titled "Wild Bunny-related Apology":

This is JYP Entertainment.
We have posted a notice today in order to apologize to you all.

We seriously apologize for the disappoint the fans all felt when seeing Chansung's littering action on Wild Bunny.
In order to avoid anything like this in the future, we'll make sure to pay special attention.
We apologize once again for the worries we may have caused fans.

Thank you.

Additionally, a 2PM representative explained through a phone call with Newsen that the for the filming of reality show Wild Bunny was supposed to hold a very natural feel and concept to it. But of course, that didn't excuse Chansung's behavior - They assured that they knew what Chansung did was wrong, and that things will be handled with more care in the future.

On a more consequential note, many netizens have been pointing out the recent carelessness of idol groups and variety programs these days and how this may have a negative affect on future generations, as many of the fans of idol groups are teenagers and students who so wholeheartedly worship their idols and want to follow in their footsteps.

Source: allkpop

So now Korea idols = role models for behaviour? I understand the need for them to be conscious of their behaviour but NEGATIVE EFFECT ON FUTURE GENERATIONS?! To be honest, I really hate it when people blame the media for affecting the behaviour of the ~future generation~ aka "WHAT ARE THE TELEVISION AND INTERNET TEACHING OUR KIDS?!?!" The television and internet are not supposed to teach your kids anything, fucking period. The parents are supposed to do that. /rant

Chanbear must feel like shit now.
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