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SES Eugene: “SM – TVXQ Contract is a Shame.”

SES Eugene expressed sadness regarding contract conflicts between Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM Entertainment.

In the recent SPN interview with Eugene, she said “Not only Dong Bang Shin Ki, there are many entertainers are undergoing a contract relation difficulties. It’s more like the artist who is engaged to the contract is not familiar with the contract itself.”

“Being compared to the past, I don’t know if improvement has already been made. The past period contract was relatively too long and not flexible.”

Eugene explained the reason why after a rookie gained popularity, he/she tends to involve in conflict with the agency, “When being a rookie, you don’t know anything. The officers asked to hold the contract term and conditions without any understandings from the artist. However, when the artist has already been aware, he/she finally read carefully the agreement details in the contract, that’s when most likely conflict starts to arise.”

“It’s also because the contract difficulty which rookie are having difficulties to follow. Agency should consider to set more flexible terms and conditions that has variables to adapt depending on the changing environments.”

Source: SYC

What company is Eugene with now? Or the rest of the SES girls?
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