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Jaebeom @ BAZAAR

You are one of the hottest style icons. Don’t you feel uncomfortable because your style is a hot issue instead of your performance or singing?
No, because other jobs need their own style but I think that especially singers need their own individual style. From that reason, clothes or make-up is something that I express my character with. Style expresses and affects on my singing and my performance.

Recently, normal guys who aren’t celebrities put on make-up. Are you one of them?
Normally, it’s just moisturizer, and lotion. Except for performing, and filming, rest of the time I just like to go around comfortably.

It seems like you don’t have refusal to strong make-up?
It’s fine, because it’s one of the processes that makes the image and the filming and sometimes it’s fun to just change dramatically sometimes.

Have you ever secretly put on some of your mom’s or your old girlfriend’s or any of your female family members’ cosmetics?
I never did. I barely know anything about cosmetics so there might be a possibility that I might put on hand cream on my face.

Your body is a hot issue between both male and female. I hear you even spend your time in the preparing room with the dumbbells?
Normally, I work out for 2 to 3 hours, but I can’t because of schedule these days. So, I spend the long time in the waiting room with dumbbells.

Is exercising part of finishing your appearance?
When I was in sixth grade I thought Usher was really cool. I think he was my first style role model. After that I started working out to make myself light so I could break-dance easily. But, now working about is like eating and part of my life so I feel uncomfortable when I don’t work out.

How do you explain your style in one sentence?
Color match? I like to match my colors. If the t-shirt I’m wearing is purple, the shoes should be purple.

What style do you want to try?
An elegant, clean preppy look.

Source: 2pm-online.com

Am waiting for his elegant, clean preppy look ~ 

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