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Jokwon left home? Changmin admits...

2AM’s sweet ballad singer, JoKwon and his mother came out on the show “Pufferfish,” where his mom exposed about his mess up during his childhood. ChangMin, another 2AM member, nominated JoKwon as something during this weeks episode of Star Golden Bell. Guesses anyone? (Hint: even I… even you guys would have nominated JoKwon as this too.)

On the show “Pufferfish,” JoKwon and his mother came out where she exposed JoKwon’s childish past. Then, JoKwon admitted that he had left his home during his middle school years to disobey his parents due to his friends. The crowd laughed when he said, “It was winter, but I even brought summer clothes, hair straightener, mirrors, it was almost as if I was moving.” Then he continued the story by saying, “On the third day my friends and I were living in the apartments construction site, we were eventually kicked out and sent home by the apartment’s officer.” Near the end of the story he dedicated everything to his mother saying, “I felt even worse when my mother just hugged me instead of hitting/yelling at me. It was all because of my mom that I was able to be here.”


On this week’s episode on Star Golden Bell, ChangMin exposed that… from all of the 2AM members, JoKwon was the most embarrassing member. Then he followed this up by saying, “One time he needed a shoescoop (Picture of it here: http://www.more114.com/goodsImg/800085/11.gif), but he ended up asking the stylist for a shoeladle. And another time, at night when JoKwon experienced an ‘out of body experience,’in the morning when we woke up and spazzed as he said, ‘Guys! Yesterday I experienced an ‘automatic body experience!’

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