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G-Dragon's "disagreement" with Seung Ri

On August 19th, MNet's GD-TV aired. GDragon was seen filming his Heartbreaker MV and preparing for his album.

GDragon said, "Because of the dog, we cannot sleep at night. The dog would bite our nose when we fall asleep. When GaHo (GD's dog's name) grows up, it will bite even more. He even bites SeungRi.”

"It is also true that Big Bang members have discords," mentioned Kush.

GDragon replied, "It is true that there are disagreements between me and SeungRi. As compared to discord, it is more like everyone is bullying me. The rest really do not care much about me," causing laughter from those around.

Kush then added, "Those things we said earlier will be edited out." GDragon said, "It is not right that it all beeps~ and gets handled. I'll say what I want to say."

article from sookyeong @ kbites

he was just whining that people hadn't visited him yet at the Heartbreaker shoot. poor GD. XD
Tags: big bang, g-dragon, seungri

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