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And the Diva cries

In Korea nationwide searching for a star program SuperStar K singer, Lee Hyori as a judge was brought to tears.
The judge Yang Hyn Suk after seeing Lee Hyori sudden action said comforting the crying Lee Hyori. “seeing you cry my tears are also coming out”.
From July 24 to 26 in “Guro Arts Valley arts theatre” was organized a 3 days 2 nights “super battle”, 127 contestants were divided into 10 battles, Yang Hyun Suk-Lee Hyori-Lee Seung Chul were the judges.
Lee Hyori cried on the 25th, the second day of preselection. The 40 contestants who went through the first day of selection were divided into groups of 5 (8 groups 40 persons in total), the mission for the different musical style members was to pick a song and perform it together, in each group only 2 or 3 members can stay.

Before the performance, the blind person Kim Kook Hwan carefully voiced that he wanted to say something to the judges and his team members.
Kim Kook Hwan said “Firstly, I want to sincerely thank my team members”, “as everyone can see, I can’t see things that are in front of my eyes. That’s why my team members could not choose a dance song, this is a really competitive stage and just because of me, they gave up to perform a sing and dance song, this wasn’t an easy situation. But for me they still chose a ballad. I want to take this opportunity to thank my team members that in order to let me accomplish fully this mission, they were constantly by my side helping me.”

This touching moment let everyone felt that during the short period of time, the 5 members had established a deep friendship. With their sincere friendship and beautiful harmony, they sang 8Eight’s ‘Without a heart’.
Lee Hyori who was constantly paying attention to them started to cry in the middle of the song. Lee Hyori stated simply her feelings “using a song to touch people isn’t an easy thing”, “8Eight’s ‘without a heart’ is actually such a beautiful song, today I feel it again”. Yang Hyun Suk said “seeing Lee Hyori’s crying, my tears are also coming out” and praised “this song let people feel the members’ warm feelings”.

(Edited: Video with English Subs now)

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