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BoA Reveals She Almost Fell Off a Cliff During ′Atlantis Princess′ MV Filming


BoA recently shared that she almost fell off a cliff during a music video filming.

On August 29′s broadcast of Jiangsu TV′s Strongest Group, BoA shared some behind-the-scenes stories that happened during her music video shooting for Atlantis Princess.

On this day,BoA′s music video for Atlantis Princess, which came out in 2003, began playing, making BoA slightly embarassed, saying, "I was really young."

"We filmed Atlantis Princess in Australia, as as you can see in the beginning, there′s a scene where I stand near a cliff," said BoA. "When we were filming that, a helicopter was shooting it, and the wind was so strong that I almost fell off the cliff."

"I was so surprised and scared," said BoA. "My mom was shocked too that she called me in worry."

"All singers have a song of theirs that they don′t really want to listen to, and for me, it′s Atlantis Princess," said BoA, making everyone curious.

When MC Jo Hye Ryun asked why, BoA replied, "I was the chubbiest since my debut during that time."

"Even when I go to noraebang (karaoke), I don′t sing it because I′m scared the music video might start playing."

Meanwhile, Strongest Group is a Korea and China collaboration variety program featuring f(x)′s Victoria, Super Junior-M′s Zhoumi, Jo Hye Ryun, and Jeon Hyun Moo.
source: mwave
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