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SPEED's Taewoon releases "Zico's Hyung," raps on relationship and rivalry with younger brother Zico

Block B's Zico is pretty well known in mainstream and underground circles for his rapping and producing skills. His older brother of lesser fame, Taewoon, leader of Core Contents Media's boy group SPEED (debuted in 2011), has taken up similar pursuits, but with less success. His recent appearance on his younger brother's episode of 4 Things on Mnet has garnered some attention, especially regarding the relationship between the two brothers. Taewoon addressed his rivalry with his brother in a short track released today.

I’m not Zico
Yeah I’m Woo Tae Woon
Woo Tae Woon’s talent. 3 years since I started to rap. Monster
Hip Hop people and Rock Hip Hop, in a way appearing on hot news because of not getting hit by the negative comments with my idol tag
Taewoon’s development speed. In that process, Rhymer hyungnim sends me a surprised emoticon on KaTalk
Zico’s fandom. Along with designer clothes and shoes
Now he’s stylishly having a nerve war with the top senior rappers
Zico’s personal connections. A preparation for things besides broadcasts
Now the reality has become possible with a new car and new watch
I can’t be not jealous of him but he has become a driving force
A monologue to show that it’s hard to go up without malices
I’m just proud of him. Our family boasts about him yet I’m the ‘eldest’ since I’ve built up my hatred for ‘fun’
But I’ve been changed since I was on mic
It was my desire ever since I held onto it. A heavy weight of the second blood related one
That’s right, I want to carry it since I’m the eldest, and remove the dead skin
Meanwhile, a few people have opened the show facing the family
Due to ‘your’ show Zico. I feel uncomfortable at the same time too
There are XXX people behind who are good at shut the pump, sharing a stupid mouth
There is one way, I should ‘go to the top’
Then the people under me will forever ‘can’t help but accept me at the top’

Translation courtesy of speed-boys

Sources: OfficRoyalClass, speed-boys

Mods, could we get a Speed tag? Pretty please?

And here, have a pic of Taewoon with Mino!

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