jesaray (jesaray) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

NYAN: Winner Takes All...of what's left of the summer

Ashe, Kiara, Noah, Shannon and Tim celebrate the end of summer by counting down their top ten Korean songs of the hot season! Also, will South Koreans go extinct before we as a human race blow ourselves off the planet? ELFs, which Super Junior member would like to call you Mamacita? And why can't everybody LEAVE SULLI ALONE! Also, Shannon comes back after a short hiatus and completely blows the show off the rails. Thanks, Shannon.
Tags: 2pm, bumkey, epic fail, epic win, exid, f(x), got7, ha:tfelt, kara, kim heechul, kim hyun joong, korean wave / hallyu, list, mamamoo, not your average netizens, san e, sistar, sulli, super junior, wtf
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