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W Magazine Editorial on 2pm!

There are times when you feel this way: ‘Being young is being hot, lively, and handsome like this.” When you’re looking at these 7 young men, armed with straightforward honesty and energy that doesn’t ever get tired like water never runs out no matter how much you use it, you can see the dynamic youthfulness. Lately, 2PM, who makes many Koreans’ hearts shake, is a unique idol group who always has the modifier ‘wild’ attached to their name. The honesty and perkiness that these young men have are their strong charms. When the question, “Is it okay to be THIS honest?” was asked, they answered as if they had nothing to worry. They were saying that if they try to make up some cool answer then it could become awkward so they don’t even attempt to do that.

Leadja Jaebum raised a conspiracy theory saying, “People are like 2PM is awesome, they’re the best but I think they’re just trying to make us feel more confident,” but this is not a simple conspiracy. Dominating music shows that people say are going through the worst depressions these days; controlling pretty much every variety shows; and finally making it impossible for noonas (older female fans) and aunts, who have never liked idols before, to go back to their normal social lives; are definitely not things that a new group that debuted little less than a year ago could do.

Going to so many schedules that they can’t even remember everything they did, these young men, who seem to have come back from some schedule just a couple hours before, looked very tired. Certain that they won’t have any time to rest until next year, 2PM has things scheduled for them every day, even though it’s not their official time to promote their album. Dutifully saying “But we have to work hard whenever we have schedules,” these members don’t think that their fame is not a surprise present that appeared in front of them all of a sudden. This is because they were able to handle their lives as trainers, a time that was more than merely a time of difficulty to become a singer and because they worked as hard as they could, sweating and crying. That’s why instead of being satisfied with the compliments that they’re awesome, they think about how much more they have to work to make the stage they’re standing on right now a perfect stage.

Loyal, youngest Chansung said, “It’s a good thing that we’re popular among many people and we’re standing in a good place. However, if you look at it from another side, I feel like we’re receiving way too much fame and love at a young age. I have thought that it would have been better if we were given this fame and love after we’re older and we have more experience. I’m worried that we’re going to be making mistakes because this popularity came to us too early.” What the 7 members, including Nickhun, are all saying as one is that they won’t be satisfied with the situation they’re in right now. They’re saying that they won’t be too affected by what people say because they know that they have many things to do to go even further.

When I was reflecting on thoughts like this, ‘They’re young guys with a very truthful heart, what did I do when I was their age,’ a cat in the studio changed the mood around. These all grown-up guys who saw the purring cat all turned into playful children. These guys, who seem like they would play with the cat that didn’t have any special reactions for about an hour or two without getting bored, looked like they were more of silly high school students. When Junho starts humming a song, Wooyoung adds in with his singing and Taecyeon dances along the rhythm. Friends who play around like that laughing, their enjoyable energy becomes charged again.

7 young guys, who lived their 10s and early 20s crazily, know exactly what they earned and what they lost with the name 2PM. They can’t walk on the streets and go to places with their friends like before and they have to give up their private lives because they have to live a group life. They say, “But we learned that if you want to achieve something, you need to accept some things. They’re living a different life from other 20 year olds but they’re proud that they’re becoming ‘men’ that do their best in what they do.

Jaebum says, “The goals in the group 2PM might include a big award in the awards show at the end of the year or first place in a music show but our main goal is to get along like brothers and a family like we do right now.” Each person’s dream is different outside their career as a member of 2PM. They want to act, they want to work with a different music genre, and they think about doing business in a different field. However, one thing they’re certain about is that even though they’re dreams are different, the path to making those dreams come true are the same. Singing when a song starts playing or automatically dancing when a lively music comes on no matter how tired they are, these guys practice, using the time to sleep, and they go all over the place that it seems like a day isn’t enough for them but they coolly respond, ‘It’s something we do because it’s fun.’ The attention they get and the responsibility placed on their shoulders increased a lot from one year ago. However instead of falling down from that pressure, they prepare for their next album, thinking about challenging themselves even further. This is evidence that these guys are really becoming a man.
CREDITS: W Mag Editor Suh Dong Hyun + qtkrngal515 @ 2oneday.com (trans)

2PM LUV ~ HAHAHA (sry for th trouble, mods)
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