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Ladies Code last performance with EunB + Reporter writes touching narrative

Ladies’ Code EunB remembered for loving her fans; reporter writes touching narrative


"Ladies’ Code" member EunB was an infamous fanbabo (meaning she loved fans). She had no distance to her fans; she always wore a big smile and even held hands with them. When meeting EunB, chit-chat is normally just the start. This is a narrative by a Korean reporter.

She was the brightest and more friendly than anyone else. Her friendliness made fans smile. When her fans laughed, she smiled even brighter. Everyday she went to work, it was always like this.

Because her contagious happiness spread to everyone around her, her fans called her “EunVitamin.” To her fans, and to even her members, EunB was their Eun.Vi.Ta.Min.


"EunVitamin is here!"


EunB full of love


Dancing cheerfully for the fans

Her smile was considered “healing” by others. With her bright smiles, she always illuminated wherever she was. The brightness in her smile that made everyone feel good, even continued throughout her busy schedules.

I remember the interview I had last year with “Ladies’ Code.” She was telling me about what type of singer she wanted to be, what her ideal dream stage to perform in would be. Every time she talked, she always smiled shyly.

Her friendly personality was also memorable. She was the third oldest of the five members. She was the cute little sister with aegyo to her 2 older members and a dependable big sister to the other two younger members. She acted as a good middle bridge for the group.


EunB with her beloved stuffed animal


She’s be missed dearly by family, friends, and fans alike.

She was talking about only one dream at the time. She said she wanted to sing about girls’ feelings. She added that “that’s what the group ‘Ladies’ Code’ is all about.”

"I have a final dream. Singing songs like ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Pretty Pretty,’ I want to keep singing about girls’ feelings and emotions. It is my dream that our group represents stories of all ladies."



EunB confessed during the interview that she was happy every time she was on stage. She was always thankful of the fact that she can get up on stage. That is why she always gave her all.

Now, we can no longer see EunB up on a stage. But I believe that EunB will always be remembered for her accomplishments on stage. Rest in peace.

sources: S Happiness on youtube, koreaboo, dispatch

edit: i thought that we needed a post where we could talk about how awesome she was, thats why i posted this :) the other posts are only about the accident, and the mood is always so sad. i want this post to be one with a happy mood, where people can share their favorite photos and moments of EunB (and the other members) :) and people like me (who never cared about LC before this whole thing) can get to know them better
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bebita19 3rd-Sep-2014 10:35 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh, this is just so unexpected and sad and gosh, it's hard to put into words how sorry I feel for the rest of the group and her family. :(
fallendaydreams 3rd-Sep-2014 10:37 pm (UTC)
Apparently RiSe's parents have flown from Japan to be by their daughter's side. This whole situation is too much.
julyever 4th-Sep-2014 06:33 am (UTC)
> < even though she's unconscious, I hope that some part of her feels more peaceful with her parents at her side.
in_noctem 3rd-Sep-2014 10:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you for posting this. I wanted to do it last night but looking at the photos was too much.

You can tell how much she loved her fans, fans tweeting her and posting photos they took together absolutely gutted me. I'm finding this all really hard to digest and come to terms with, even a whole 24 hours later. It's just so depressing.

I just want all the girls to be safe and healthy even if it looks bleak right now, I feel like it's the only thing that will help everyone cope with this ;_;
goshipgurl 3rd-Sep-2014 10:50 pm (UTC)
i thought that we needed a post where we could talk about how awesome she was, thats why i posted this :) the other posts are only about the accident, and the mood is always so sad. i want this post to be one with a happy mood, where people can share their favorite photos and moments of EunB (and the other members) :) and people like me (who never cared about LC before this whole thing) can get to know them better
iznanassi 3rd-Sep-2014 10:45 pm (UTC)
This entire thing is just so bittersweet.... I hope if they want they can stand on stage again still as Ladies Code. EunB was one of my biases and I'm glad she's being remembered as what she was to fans, even if people didn't know that about her.
lysblack 3rd-Sep-2014 10:50 pm (UTC)
oh god, i know i keep repeating this, but it's so heartbreaking, while reading this i had to hold in my tears, i can't even imagine how her family, friends and fans are feeling.
shanny_w 3rd-Sep-2014 10:54 pm (UTC)
OP, please fix your cut.
goshipgurl 3rd-Sep-2014 10:59 pm (UTC)
done. stupid me wrote lj-code instead of lj-cut meeeeeh
rightclick5ave 3rd-Sep-2014 10:59 pm (UTC)
holding hands with her fans, so adorable ♥

leopolitan 3rd-Sep-2014 11:18 pm (UTC)
what a true angel. she was too good for this world
asnindie 3rd-Sep-2014 11:03 pm (UTC)
It's so tragic and horrific. Really these poor girls.
scionofawhisper 3rd-Sep-2014 11:03 pm (UTC)
This post just made me sadder... I'm gonna go cry in a corner... t_t
leopolitan 3rd-Sep-2014 11:05 pm (UTC)
i cant even listen to their music right now. the whole situation is so tragic. my heart goes out to the survivors and their families.

i am such a huge fan of LC, i loved each of their releases more than the last - kiss kiss wasnt super popular but it was my jam since it came out. ive been obsessively keeping up with their performances, and my favourite part of the song was eunb's verse. she had such great stage presence, and seemed like such a bubbly and contagiously-happy person off stage. i am so sad that her life was taken so early - i really think LC was destined for greatness. eunb was so young and its such a shame she never got to live her life past being an idol.

i really, really hope we can get some good news soon about rise and sojung's condition. :(
rightclick5ave 3rd-Sep-2014 11:17 pm (UTC)
hugs to you ♥ they were my favourite rookies of 2013.. every track in Bad Girl was love. dedicating SuperGirl to Rise & Sojung rn!!! I've cycled through biases and EunB was never one of them (too cute for my taste lol) but like what you said, her stage presence..! her facial expressions were always on point.
scarletapples 3rd-Sep-2014 11:10 pm (UTC)
I always found that even at first listen I didn't like their song (happened to me with Kiss Kiss), I started loving it because their performances were always so fun. I'm so heartbroken because I feel I won't be able to watch them anymore like that... With hearing how bleak it is for Rise and Sojung, I go back to to Ashley and Zuny and how horrifying it must be for them as well.

Whatever they decide to do, I hope they'll be able to return to their lives, idol or not. I feel Eunbi will definitely be watching over them either way
rightclick5ave 3rd-Sep-2014 11:14 pm (UTC)
about seven hours ago I switched on the TV wanting to watch Inkigayo, and Ladies' Code was on.. what kind of coincidence. right after them it was Block B.. "Jesus 무슨 말이 필요해 모두 널 작품이라고 불러 (Jesus, what words are needed? Everyone calls you a masterpiece)" I pretended that they were singing about EunB
goshipgurl 3rd-Sep-2014 11:21 pm (UTC)
they still showed ladies' code performance? or was it a tribute?

and i thought inkigayo airs on sunday?
impossibility 3rd-Sep-2014 11:36 pm (UTC)
when they debuted i was immediately drawn to eunb, her hair back then reminded me of selphie from ff8.

all of the girls always seemed so happy to be onstage. i hope ashley, zuny, sojung, and rise can return to a sense of happy, healthy normalcy after this someday.

eunb will be missed. she always looked so happy. her part in yeppeo yeppeo was my favourite.
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hellociara 4th-Sep-2014 06:02 am (UTC)
well said! <3
hugtimes 3rd-Sep-2014 11:45 pm (UTC)
she seemed like an absolute sweetheart, such a caring soul. i saw those pictures of her holding hands with her fans and it was so sweet ;~;
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