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Swings blames ignorance on current events for recent video controversy


Article: Swings makes official apology over 'video controversy "A result of my ignorance on current events"

Source: TV Report via Naver

Said the video was a spontaneous thing they did for fun and claimed the scene was inspired by the noir movie genre and is a highly cliche scene that can be seen in any noir movie. Blamed his ignorance on current events for not recognizing that it could be seen in relation to the recent ISIS terrors and apologized for the misunderstanding it brought about.

[netizens comments]
1. [+1,332, -181] Just don't bother coming out again. Had you tried this overseas, there'd be a gun to your head already.

2. [+1,266, -165] Just admit, "I was stupid and I'm sorry"

3. [+1,023, -107] Where else would that stupid head of yours be

4. [+894, -78] Well I hope he brushes up on his current events then

5. [+598, -27] I never saw the IS video either but Swings' video is distasteful even without relation to it. It's vulgar to think that a clip of someone slaughtering another human being is funny in any way.


Source: Nate

1. [+275, -14] How does he not watch the news often enough to not know about the IS terror? Rappers are known for their criticism of society... they've been criticizing it all along without even watching the news?

2. [+267, -17] Fatty tryhard

3. [+206, -7] They say the dumbest are the bravest;;

Source: Netizenbuzz
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