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Kim Nam Gil joins Suzy and Ryu Seung Ryung in the movie Dorihwaga!

Actor Kim Nam Gil will join Suzy Bae and Ryu Seung Ryung in the film "Dori Artist" or "Dorihwaga." The actor will play the role of Heungseon Daewongun, who was also called Prince Gung. The Joseon-era prince, who ruled during the 19th century, was known for his reforms and his expulsion of foreigners from Korean soil.

[More about his character and the movie under the spoiler cut]The film tells the story of Sin Jae Hyo, a master singer or myungchang of pansori. He established a pansori school known as the Donggrijungsa and he was one of the first singing teachers to have female students. Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling that is accompanied by a singer and a drummer.

His favorite student was a poor young woman known as Jin Chae Seon. He encouraged her career and was responsible for her performing at court. Before Jin Chae Seon, no female pansori singers had ever performed at court. Ryu Seung Ryung, who was last seen in the film "The Target," plays Sin Jae Hyo. Miss A's Suzy Bae, last seen in the drama "Gu Family Book," plays Jin Chae Seon.

History says that Heungseon Daewonggun, the father of King Gojong, held a banquet to celebrate the building of a pavilion at the Geyongbok Palace. He wanted a singer to perform at the event and Sin Jae Hyo presented Jin Chae Seon. Jin Chae Seon became a star after her performance and inspired other female singers of pansori to follow her example. But after seeing her in court the prince also fell in love with her.

Sin Jae Hyo was also in love with Jin Chae Seon and wrote about a song comparing her beauty to peach blossoms and plum flowers. Although the prince falls for Jin Chae Seon she is loyal to her teacher, setting up a dangerous love triangle.

Prince Gung won't be Kim Nam Gil's first historical role. He visited the Joseon era for his last film "Pirates." But his character in that film, the bandit Jang Sa Jung, had less of a pedigree. Before that Kim Nam Gil appeared as a man driven to revenge in the melodrama "Shark."

But it was Kim Nam Gil's supporting role in a historical drama that first made him a star. He played a minor character named Bidam in the drama "Queen Seonduk." The character was so popular with audiences that history was rewritten and his role was extended.

Lee Jong Pil will direct "Dori Artist." He previously worked with Kim Nam Gil on the documentary "Ensemble."

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i admit, at first i was cautiously optimistic about the movie, but didn't really have any hopes, and now i really can't wait for it and i feel like it will be one great movie and that has high chances of doing really well, especially because of the careful casting. suzy is surrounded by incredibly talented actors in this production.
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