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Daesung turns tricks on Hey, Hey, Hey remains prection while doing so

Big Bang was a featured guest on a recent episode of the popular Japanese show Hey! Hey! Hey! (Hey x 3). Since all members were present during the playback (Daesung included), it seems the recording for this particular episode took place weeks ago. I couldn't understand what they're saying but it was still funny to watch the interactions, they also performed their single "Gara Gara Go." In the past, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki was on Hey x3 as guests previously on a couple of occassions.

Big Bang on Hey, Hey, Hey short interview and performing Gara Gara Go!!

Big Bang in Japan cut:

ETA Translation of Heyx3 appearance by moonychild over at ibigbang.wordpress:
They all just gave a self-introduction (name + what they are in charge of in the group – vocal, rap, producing music etc). The funny parts were when they mistook the interpreter as Big Bang’s leader.. and TOP! After doing his self intro, he said “I am VERY GOOD in Japanese.” then the host said, “you don’t look like you are!” TOP then replied… “I am REALLY REALLY VERY GOOD in Japanese.” the host said, “you REALLY REALLY don’t look like you are.” TOP then went on to look at a piece of paper and said, “Please stop talking to me from now on.” LOL~~ the host then replied, “but you were obviously looking at a cheat sheet!” funny~~~ kwiyO~~

and yeah, seung ri imitated a japanese boxer i guess. he said in his intro that he was good at imitating. at the end the hosts said, “it’s good to young ne. all the other members (of big bang) can only just bitterly smile/laugh.”

then daesung said he’s the “always cheerful” daesung and so he’ll do a magic trick. he needed the oil on ppl’s noses to do his trick that’s why he wiped his finger on both hosts’ noses. at the end the host said, “it’s hard to know if you were doing magic or just hiding magic.” lol such dorks. XD

Who is Seungri trying REALLY hard to imitate?

Source @allkpop [link]
Heyx3 Translation [moonychild@ibigbang.wordpress, thanks for finding that pincakes!
Video sources - Heyx3, DVD cut
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