ashiva (ashiva) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Choi Jin-shil selected as best newsmaker

According to a poll from a TV entertainment show "Yeonyyega Junggae," broadcast on Aug. 15, actress Choi Jin-shil was picked as Korea’s top newsmaker since the nation's liberation from Japan’s colonial rule in 1945.

The show surveyed 12,434 people ranging 12-60 years old. She gained about 26.9 percent support of the respondents.

Starring in many films, dramas and TV ads, the late Choi had been loved as a nation's representative actress. However, she had suffered from depression allegedly due to a divorce and rumors surrounding her private life. She committed suicide in October 2008, shocking the nation.


I have a feeling that she really never wanted to be a newsmaker, especially even after death.

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