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[Q&D] "Who's the victim?" ...Jessica, the full story

[Dispatch= Reporters Na Ji Yeon & Kim Soo Ji] "Who is the victim?"

In every little incident, we calculate gains and losses. We determine who is at fault and who is the victim.

It is likewise for Jessica's incident.

"Did she say she wanted to leave? Or was she asked to leave?"

"If she was asked to leave, isn't she the victim?"

"Did other members want to lose Jessica?"

The public calculates the gains and losses, rather than looking for the root of the problem.

But according to Dispatch's report, it is merely that the timeline has sped up. This incident could have occurred not only on Sept. 30th, but on November 30th, December, or next year. In short, this is not to determine who is the victim; the priority is to find the core of the conflict.

On the 30th, Dispatch has met with three closest acquitances of Girls' Generation. Among them was Jessica's acquitance as well as the eight members'.

Q1. Of course, the biggest question is "Did she leave" or "Was she asked to leave."

D. It is both. Jessica repeatedly announced last January and July that she "wanted to leave."

Was the members' response "Then leave"? To be precise, it was similar in nuance. "Pick between two" would be a more correct demand.

Q. Let's look at this chronologically. What did Jessica say in January and in July?

D. In January, she first brought up the topic of marriage. She met up with the members individually and mentioned that "she wanted to marry and is discussing it with the company" as a passing comment.
Then in July after the concert in Japan, she again expressed her wishes to discontinue her activity as GG member. At the time she said, "I don't think I could do this any longer. I am sorry to say that I would like to pursue my own life."

Q3. Pursue her own life? Meaning marriage with Tyler Kwon?

D. At the time Jessica did not seem to have any will to continue her GG activities. All members at this point were aware of the marriage talk. She started to talk more about her future such as "going abroad next year," "looking for a school to attend," "wanting to start a fashion brand," and "becoming a designer after GG."

Q4. How did the rest of the members take her announcement?

D. There was already a wave of conflict in the beginning of the year. At the time Jessica and SM has compromised to do their best until the last album scheduled early next year. The members were shocked but accepted it. However, they expressed their wish for her to focus on GG activities until the last album if she was to marry and start her business next year.

Q5. So did Jessica try her best at GG activities?

D. To be honest she wasn't in the best situation to do so. She was just too busy, especially with Tyler. In August they had launched a fashion brand called BLANC. She conducted her personal activities traveling from China, Hong Kong, and New York.

Jessica was indeed with Tyler in New York right until the fan meeting in China. She had returned to Korea the day prior.

Q6. Tyler Kwon cannot be left out of this incident.

Jessica's Tiffany & Co. ring on her finger is an engagement ring. She had told the members that she planned to be married in Hong Kong October of next year.

Tyler Kwon was with her in almost every scheduled event: those in China and Hong Kong, and even at the shooting of Jessica & Krystal in New York.

Q7. She also launched a fashion brand BLANC.

D. None of the members were opposed to her business. But they were not aware that it was going to begin so quickly. Almost all were under the impression that it was to begin after her marriage. But Jessica had a surprise launching event in August. The members asked for one thing: not to make her business the main activity. They asked her not to neglect Girls' Generation.

Q8. Did SM allow her to open a business?

D. They were worrisome. This business was close to the idea of selling goods at an offline store. It could have become a business targeted towards the fans using GG popularity.

But the company had no rights or justification to stop her. Their contract did not include an article disallowing her from her business. They gave her the permission as she appealed her dreams.

Q9. But it seems that the conflict worsened after the launching of BLANC.

D. Jessica has prepared her life after GG prior to leaving. Studying abroad, business, marriage. She planned to go to New York, study there, get married there, and expand her business there. This meant that she needed a portfolio quickly. This was the reason for the sudden launching. Tyler Kwon was also the co-founder of BLANC. She had to be with him always.

Q10. She did mention her leaving GG.

D. I guess... her wish to leave GG was because of these plans. But after deciding to do one more album she pushed these plans back temporarily.

But she did place more value on her personal life. Naturally she neglected her role as a GG member. In response the members asked for a decision - to focus until the last moment.

Q11. But Jessica suddenly changed her attitude.

D. Last month on the 15th we have received a report that Jessica and Tyler were at the Sejong Law Firm; we were able to spot them in person as well. We do not know the content of their discussion. We do know that her stance had changed since then. She told the members that "if you guys are okay, I would like to continue as a GG member..."

Q12. Catch two birds with one stone?

D. Jessica did not want to miss either. She definitely could not halt her busiess plan. It was already well underway, and she had already put in a lot of investment. The eight members were, from the very beginning, "Marriage OK, Business OK." They respected her dreams. But they wanted her dreams to start after her activities as GG was over. They thought that was the proper thing to do for the members and the fans.

Q13. We heard that the members had an emegency meeting in September.

They decided that with this current situation, any long-term tour or a new album would be hard to continue. The members and Jessica opened a meeting in September. The members asked her for a decision.

Jessica had changed her stance after her meeting with a lawyer. She expressed her wish to continue as GG. She had also said that "if there is any problem, please send it in writing."

Q14. What was the conclusion?

D. They had two or three meetings. Then Jessica suddenly left for New York. They could not communicate any further. They have all decided that continuing their activites like this would be meaningless.

Jessica believes that as she returned prior to the fan meeting she has done her duty. But the members feel that to Jessica, GG has been a secondary job for a long time.

Q15. Let's ask the less important qustion. What is Tyler Kwon's role in BLANC?

D. Jessica launched her brand BLANC on August 6th. Her first product were sunglasses. Perfume, accessories, clothing are also being prepared. They are planning a 2015 F/W collection.

Tyler has also invested in BLANC. His investment is known to be less than Jessica's. His main role is the China expansion. He is helping with opening stores in China and Hong Kong.

Q16. And BLANC's current position in China?

D. The brand is already gaining massive popularith with the title of "Girls' Generation's Jessica." Recently they have successfully opened a store in Hong Kong's Lane Croft Mall. There are several more stores being opened, mostly in Hong Kong. It is a new brand quickly rising to take over Singapore, Thailand, and Shanghai as well.

Q17. There must have been monetary conflict with the members.

D. They are not interested in what Jessica earns from BLANC. That is her ability. But her marriage rumors certainly affect the group, as it was an open secret. All of their long-term advertisement deals have come to a full stop. They could not continue even if the deal was offered.

Q18. Is is possible that Jessica re-join GG?

D. In short, the chance is less then 10%. The main condition is change in Jessica's priority. But it has gone too far. There is too much involved with Tyler. Of course, Jessica would request solo activities or acting to boost her brand sales. But in terms of time of prepartion, it seems impossible this very moment.


Translated by OP (whose wrist is falling off)
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