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SNSD Jessica will act in a musical

SNSD's Jessica will be making her acting debut in a musical.

She will take on the lead role of Legally Blonde the Musical which will start showing at Seoul Coex Atium on November 14th.
A representative said over the phone with Newsen that "the decision (Jessica's role in the musical) is almost finalized". This will be a chance for Jessica to make her acting debut as a musical star. Jessica has recently drawn attention for her blond hair during the Genie activities.

Legally Blonde the Musical is a Broadway musical based on the hit 2001 Hollywood movie. Along with Jessica, Kim Dong Wook ("National Representative") will play the male lead, with actors/singers like Kim Soo Jin, Jun Soo Kyung and Cho Jung Hwa in the supporting cast.

original article

(sorry for the crap translation. first time translating word-to-word :l)

Bend.... and snap!

Tags: duet, girls generation, jessica

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