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Uhm Jung Hwa Gets A Second Chance At Life With Song Seung Hoon

Uhm Jung Hwa, last seen in the tvN drama "Witch's Romance" and the film "Venus Talk," is considering the role of a high profile lawyer in the film "Wonderful Nightmare." But the character's fame does not mean she has lived an exemplary life.

Her character dies after making no less than a thousand mistakes in her lifetime. But despite her poor record, Uhm Jung Hwa's character is given a second chance at life. She is given the chance to return to the same body but must face entirely different circumstances. And if she does better in these unfamiliar circumstances, she may be able to return to her previous existence.

Her new life is considerably less glamorous than her old one. When she wakes up, she discovers she is no longer a high-powered attorney but an ordinary housewife and mother. And if she thought the daily life of a lawyer was tough, wait until she tries to juggle the schedules of a few demanding children and a pampered husband.

Uhm Jung Hwa's character may find that it's easier to successfully argue a case in court than to convince a toddler to share his favorite toys. Hopefully her legal negotiation skills will come in handy when it comes to keeping the peace in her family.

And as something of a consolation prize the man she is married to may be played by actor Song Seung Hoon, who was last seen playing the love-obsessed colonel in the film "Obsessed." The actor also recently played a role in the Chinese film "The Third Way of Love" with Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei. His agency, Better Ent, says he is seriously considering the role in "Wonderful Nightmare. And if he takes it, Uhm Jung Hwa's character may find there are worse faces to wake up to each day.

Will Uhm Jung Hwa's ordinary new life be better than her glamorous old one? Or will her new life be less of a rewarding opportunity than a punishment? If she achieves success in her new life, will she have to give up Song Seung Hoon to get her old life back?

Fans of both actors are looking forward to the chemistry they will generate when playing a married couple.

"Wonderful Nightmare" is expected to start filming before the end of the year. Kang Hyo Jin, who directed "Twilight Gangsters," and wrote "Six Shooter Bandits" will direct and write the film.
source: kdramastars
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