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Seo Taiji to Collaborate with IU

Seo Taiji’s 9th full length album Quiet Night will be unveiled with the pre-release of a collaboration song.

Seo Taiji Company stated on September 29, “As Seo Taiji was planning the 9th album, he thought of the ‘Sogyeokdong Project,’ which will tell the story of a sad and beautiful love story in Seogyeok-dong during the 1980’s from the viewpoint of a man and a woman, through two songs and two music videos, as they unwind two secretive stories.”

Seo Taiji said through his agency Seo Taiji Company, “When I was looking for the female singer who could express the song Sogyeokdong well, I thought of IU right away, who I’ve always thought of as the hubae female singer with the best singing ability. I wanted her to sing the song with her charming voice so I requested her participation. She accentuated the charm of the song more than I expected, so I’m happy.

IU’s agency Loen Tree stated, “IU was very happy to receive Seo Taiji’s request and expressed her desire to participate in the project. She felt honored to be participating in the senior singer’s song, who she respects greatly in terms of music, and said that Sogyeokdong will be a meaningful song for her too, showing anticipation and excitement for this collaboration.”

Sogyeokdong (소격동) - IU Version

English translation

Strolling lonesomely down the narrow alley stairway
that you and I used to stroll down together,
the deep fragrance of the past brushes past me.

The day you went away, actually I…

Lights, icicles hanging on the eaves and the sound of sparrows
I want to stay in this beautiful village.
Do you remember Sogyeokdong?
It still remains the same today.

White flurries of snow late at night.
As the layers of white pile up, my heart flutters with anticipation.
I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.
I couldn’t fall asleep, thinking that if I opened my eyes again,
all this would vanish before me.

One day, when the stream suddenly dried up,
my young heart died just like the water in the stream.
I remember everything about you.
Small moments in a day would make my day.
Then one day, my world turned upside down.
Cherish what you have now, for it could vanish in an instant.

I don’t want to forget about this, but I don’t even have a single photo left.
I just keep telling myself that I’ve done all I could.

Translation by squishy with love

Sogyeokdong is the song being pre-released from Seo Taiji’s 9th full length album Quiet Night.

It is an electronic song with slow rhythm and powerful groove, along with a clear melody. IU’s version will be released on October 2, followed by Seo Taiji’s version on October 10.

BONUS TRACK: IU Singing Marry You on The Melody Forest Camp Concert

Source:, 1theK, iu-jjang Tumblr,Cyidra
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