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It's an "All About" FTISLAND post!

Freedom MV

[Album tracks]
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[Exclusive album jacket pics]Exclusive album jacket pics


[NAVER Exclusive: ‘All About’ According To FTISLAND]NAVER Exclusive: ‘All About’ According To FTISLAND

FTISLAND’s Japan Best ‘All About’ features music that members hope to be “my everything, your everything, our everything.” The name was picked by FTISLAND members and their manager. Naver Music met up with FTISLAND at FNC Entertainment to hear what FTISLAND wants to share with fans. We’ll unveil the truth now!

On a sunny Monday morning, FTISLAND gathered at FNC Entertainment in Cheongdamdong 111. To help them open up about the album production, we enjoyed a brunch with the members. Hongki couldn’t join us unfortunately because of a drama shoot, but the rest of us started talking about Japan Best Album ‘All About’ in a light-hearted atmosphere.


Why did you pick ‘FREEDOM’ as the title song for [ALL ABOUT?] And which other song do you like personally?

Jonghun: If I may speak on FTISLAND’s behalf, all of the songs featured in the album are our favorites. But I think ‘FREEDOM’ is more suitable for FTISLAND concerts. Everyone enjoys the song at our concerts. Other than ‘FREEDOM,’ I’d have chosen ‘Beautiful’ ‘as the title song. I think it’s a great song. I also like ‘Beloved.’ It makes me feel happy when I perform the guitar solo part at a concert.
Jaejin: ’On My Way’. When you closely listen to the lyrics, I think the song explains what we’ve achieved so far.
Minhwan: Just like Jonghun, I like ‘Beautiful.’ I really like it because it’s a song that guys would like.
Seunghyun: However many times I think about it, I like ‘FREEDOM’. I also like ‘BE FREE.’


Is there a song in the album that you remember the most from a concert?

Jaejin: When I was singing ‘On My Way’ during the Japan Arena Tour, everyone was lost in deep emotions. I think we all cried at that time, right?
Seunghyn: I think we all felt the tears at that time
Jonghun: We were shy about it but we really performed that song with our hearts. I remember that time the most.
Minhwan: That’s right. I remember that time because we rarely cry together. And this is random but last time we went skiing together and we almost cried while talking.


Was there a fun episode while putting together [ALL ABOUT]?

Jaejin: I talk to Hongki the most about lyrics. When we were working on ‘Beloved,’ Hongki wrote ‘I can’t even lock you up.’ At first, I opposed that part but the moment Hongki sang it, it felt different. It was so good. Since then, I realized vocalists can interpret lyrics differently based on their voice. And this is my first time sharing this: the song ‘Stay’ has a secret. It’s based on what really happened to me. Our fans probably didn’t know.


FTISLAND must have made the song selection very carefully because fans have been waiting for this album. If you were to release a translated album in Japan, is there a song you want to include?

Jonghun: ’I confess.’
Jaejin: I want to include ‘Love Love Love’ because I personally like its style
Minhwan: ‘Severely’ for me!
Seunghyun: ’Cool Vs Pretty.’ I think it’ll be fun


Any last word?

Jonghun: I enjoyed having an opened chat like this for the first time in a while. We really put together Japan Best Album [ALL ABOUT] with care so please listen to it. I’ll listen carefully to both compliments and criticisms.
Jaejin: Through this Japan Best Album, we wanted to let you know that FTISLAND also does music that’s different from what we released in Korea. Also, we’ll visit you with even better look with our official album next year. So please wait for us.
Minwhan: Through this opportunity, I am so glad to share our Japanese songs with Korean fans. We also got to show more variety at our live concerts. So please be excited.
Seunghyun: I’m so glad that I can now perform more songs in Korea and I’ll be writing many good songs. Look forward to them and love our [ALL ABOUT] album.

We had our Q&A with brunch. What’s your one favorite food?

Jonghun: Vietnamese Spring Rolls.
Jaejin: Chicken, Hamburger
Minhwan: Chicken for snack, ddakbokeumtang with rice and a meal on a plane (bibimbab + lettuce)

FTISLAND on yt (1, 2); FTISLAND [FULL ALBUM]; Naver Music; djpri
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