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Rookie Boy Group UNIQ to Debut This Month, New Group Photo Revealed


A brand new rookie boy group by the name of UNIQ—made known to have trained for 1400 days—is set to make their debut this month!

On October 6, UNIQ’s agency released a group photo of all the members of the group. It is said that the group name was formed from the combination of the meaning of “unique,” or being special, as well as the mysterious nature of a “unicorn,” which is an animal that commonly appears in myths and legends. The members greatly aspire to become a unique presence in the music industry.

A rep from the group’s agency explained, “[The members] received rigorous training for a total of three years and nine months, or 1,400 days, for their debut. [UNIQ] is a five-member group made up of Korean members Sung Joo and Seung Yeon, as well as Chinese members Moon Han, Zhou Yi Xuan, and Yi Bo.”

Member Sung Joo has been receiving much interest since his trainee days, enough to have formed his very own fandom prior to debut. Seung Yeon is said to speak four different languages, including Chinese, English, and Portuguese. He has already been featured in a GQ magazine pictorial, earning recognition as a fashionista. Moon Han possesses a clear, clean voice and distinct visuals, while Zhou Yi Xuan is known as the charismatic and powerful rapper, and Yi Bo is the very first to have been confirmed to join as a member of UNIQ.

Previously, it was reported that UNIQ is a group formed by a collaboration between YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment, based in China.

Meanwhile, UNIQ will officially be making their debut into the music industry with the release of their very first single titled “Falling in Love.”

Check out UNIQ’s YouTube channel for some of their teaser videos. Are you excited for this group’s debut?


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