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Thai site scams Lee MinHo fans

The “Boys Over Flowers” character, Lee MinHo has recently been in a fan meeting scam.

On one Thailand site, they were selling tickets to a Lee MinHo fan meeting with the exact date and the location as well. What is the catch you ask?

Only the fact that this fan meeting wasn’t even going to take place. On the 26th, when Lee MinHo’s entertainment heard about this news, they firmly stated “We never have been notified of a fan meeting in Thailand, and we are not looking forward to any.”

In addition, they stated, “We were surprised to hear that there had been a scam. We need to act fast on it because everything would just end up hurting the fans.” On the sites it stated that on October 24th, 2,000 people will be gathering at the Bangkok HuAhMakInDo Stadium. They sold the front seats for 800 dollars with the hotel and food included, and rest of the seats for around 200 dollars.

The site even states that Lee MinHo will sing 2 songs, play games with the fans, and a movie will be shown to the fans as well.

Source: sookyeong

Tags: fan meeting, lee min ho

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