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On the afternoon of 10th, SM Entertainment announced that "the company had received the news today as Luhan filed the lawsuit." SM has revealed that due to health reasons Luhan would like to focus on solo activities more than the group.

In addition, SM revealed that "along with the case of Kris, filing a lawsuit in a situation where a lawsuit is not needed determines that the lawsuit is due to prioritizing personal benefits" and that "external influence nearby is also suspected."

In short, while Luhan expressed his wish to pause his activites due to health reasons, in reality it is really for the solo activities in China.

SM has disclosed that it will respond according to the law and that EXO's activities will not be interfered.

The company had received the news today as Luhan filed the lawsuit.

We are baffled by the sudden lawsuit in the midst of a discussion on future plan for Luhan who had expressed his wish to focus on solo activities in China over EXO activities due to health reasons.

But along with case with Kris, filing a lawsuit in a similar pattern (as Kris did) in a situation where there are no reasons to pursue a lawsuit shows that after gaining a huge popularity as a star, it is a lawsuit filed with the intent of putting personal profits as his priority and ignoring the interests of all parties involved including the agency as well as the group itself.

In addition an external influence is suspected.

The company plans to act accordingly with legal partners in China and overseas in a calm and active manner.

We also promise that EXO's future activities will occur without interference.

translated by OP (who is now going to bed! see y'all tomorrow!)
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