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Mamamoo interview - “Unique concept? This isn’t everything we’ve got.”

This rookie girl group turns the music program stage into a musical. It’s difficult to figure out what words to use in regards to them, as they are not easily defined. Stable singing ability is just the basics for them. They even take part in the stage directing of their eye-catching performances. They are wellmade to the point of it being difficult to believe they are rookies.

Recently while interviewing many singers/groups, they have been asked about the ‘Hoobae that catches their eye’. The very group that is often named is Mamamoo. Actually, even prior to debut, they were pinpointed as noteworthy rookies.

Last January, they showed off their voices to the public for the first time in “Don’t Be Happy” with Bumkey. They showcased their varied musical colors and received acknowledgement from their works, “Peppermint Chocolate” with K.Will-Wheesung and “Hi Hi Ha He Ho” with Geeks.

Mamamoo, who got their name known through featurings with other singers, began their broadcast promotions of ‘HELLO’ title song, ‘Mr. Ambiguous” and lived up to expectations. Holding the name Mamamoo, completely with their own strength, they had a successful debut. What would their biggest weapon be?

"Honestly, we’re still not completely sure what the reaction is to us. We’re only able to hear what those around us are saying. However, sometimes when we see the number of fans increasing, reality sinks in for us (laughs). I think the biggest reason the public has shown interest in us is, of course, because of our songs. When we received our first song, we practiced it for about one year and transformed it to reflect us. I think we are able to express it naturally onstage."

"We’ve lived together for over 3 years. We’ve become skilled in living in a way that decreases the monthly rent. Living together up until now has made our teamwork exceptional. To be honest, before the group was officially fixed there were a lot of trainees, but with 4 people there was a feeling that we could [live together] without any ego."

While preparing ‘Mr. Ambiguous’, Mamamoo practiced various other songs, as well. They have received acknowledgement from many for their stage performances so we can’t help but be interested in their next project.

"We still haven’t solidified what our image will be for the next album. Of course, [our current concept] isn’t our only style (laughs). We have interest in many genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, etc. but first we need to increase the public’s awareness of us. So more than something completely new for our next album, we were wondering if a song that makes up for what we lack would work."

"Honestly, Mamamoo isn’t a group that gets by because of our looks (laughs). With the thought that singers should put everything they have into the songs, we don’t lipsync. We let everyone hear our real voices, but that’s not all. We will show everyone our natural image though our performance, as well."

As a rookie group, they do want to receive the ‘rookie award’, but they also shared another one of their goals.

"We want to be a girl group that is nothing like any other team. Like Girls Generation and 2NE1 sunbaenims, we want to be a group that has our own unmistakable color. Our goal is to hear people say, ‘That’s Mamamoo-like’." ~

Translation by, jinhyosang
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