do the necronomicon (byeolbyeol) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
do the necronomicon

dal shabet's woohee hospitalized for a collapsed lung (get well soon!)

It has been reported that Dal Shabet member Woohee was taken to a hospital on October 8, and is still currently hospitalized, due to a condition calledpneumothorax, also known as a collapsed lung.

On October 10, a representative of Dal Shabet’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, revealed to Star News and MyDaily, “Woohee is currently admitted to a hospital in Seoul for pneumothorax. She is scheduled to receive surgery sometime next week. We will have to wait and watch over her progress.”

The agency also explained, “She has previously received surgery [for this condition] about four years ago. As high as the chances are for a recurrence, we’ll continue to watch over her.”

Meanwhile, the members of Dal Shabet are in the middle of preparations for their upcoming comeback in January.

Wishing Woohee a quick recovery!

source: soompi, naver (1) (2)
Tags: dal★shabet, health
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