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30 Q&A Survey from Taegoon-Part 2

30 Q&A Survey from Taegoon-Part 2

Taegoon had filled out answers in a Q&A survey and posted it on his Daum cafe. The second set of questions have been posted. This time, he tells his fans about his memories, more food (again), and his first love! He also includes a message to his fans and alot more information.

The rest of the Q&A answers shall be posted in a later date. Go past the cut for questions and answers.

31. Have you ever ran away from home?

32. How do you feel about your popularity lately?
I...still don't know yet...

33. Most memorable dream?
I was 12, I was with my mother at the bottom of a cliff at the sea...we had a map and we walked.

34. Who do you see if you close your eyes?
My mom

35. What sounds do you not like? / What sounds do you like to hear?
People who aren't working / Hard working people

36. Favorite kind of candy?
All of it~^^

37. Do you read all of the messages on your cyworld?
I read them~

38. How do you get rid of stress?

39. Secret to maintain good skin?
I don't know it...

40. Body part you're most confident with?
Nose ㅋ

41. You're a rookie, but not far behind other artists!

42. What do you do when you have no schedule?

43. How much time do you spend training/practicing each day?
5 hours when I have schedule, and 10 hours if my day is empty ㅋㅋ

44. Where is your favorite place besides the practice room?
Home...or the coffee house ㅋ

45. What do you do in the waiting/dressing room?
Monitor my rehearsal/watch the other performances~

46. How many times do you check your Cyworld minihompy?
2-3 times a day?

47. What do you do in your fancafe?
I read...I read all of the fan letters

48. How do you feel when you read comments on photos or videos of you?
I'm always grateful

49. What did the first fan placard you saw say?

50. Which fans are most memorable?
All of the ones that support me ^^

51.A message for your fans?
I'll always love you...we're like family

52. What is one thing the fans have done for you that moved you?
Any/all of them~

53. What do your fans call you?
The fans that are younger girls use oppa, other fans use Taegoon

54. What do you want?
I need to think about it...^^

55. Most memorable part of your life?
When I recorded Call Me

56. What are you best at cooking?

57. The best feeling?
When you lie down and then......

58. When was your first love?
Two years old Second year of middle school

59. When was your first kiss?
Two years old Second year of middle school

60. Intimacy with someone you like? Do you like skinship?<


So nice and sweet!

If I still had my contract with Disney Mobile I would dial his phone number and call him and we would have a conversation.

edited thanx wassereis!
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