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KPOP'S number one 1 bagelboy leaves op speechless "what a wonderful world"

In the October 10th episode for SBS survival-documentary show “Laws of the Jungle in Solomon Islands”, Lee Kikwang took off his shirt, revealing his well-defined abs to the viewers!

In the episode, Lee Kikwang was exploring the wild with actress Kim Gyuri. When the two finally found a water source, they could not contain their excitement and Kikwang coolly took off his shirt to have a refreshing clean-up.

Lee Kikwang gained a lot of attention with his well-trained abs. Although it is widely known that he works out a lot among BEAST members, there is still a cute difference between his masculine abs and baby face. Nonetheless, Kikwang felt shy as a female was around. It is needless to say as actress Kim Gyuri also could not resist being in awe with Kikwang’s abs.

"Laws of the Jungle in Solomon Islands" is led by Kim Byungman, with the tribe consisting of Jung Doohong, Kwon Ohjoong, Ryu Dam, Park Jungchul, Kim Gyuri, Kim Taewoo, Da Na, Lee Jaewoon, Tao, and Yoon Dohyun.

source koreaboo sbs@youtube

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