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Liyin confirms comeback month in messages to fans!


Hope everybody has been doing well! I really miss you guys~~
My single will be released around October or so. I've been in Korea all this time, everyday practising dancing and singing.
Throughout this time, I really miss you guys! Because I've been in Korea for seven months already, I've been preparing in Korea all this time.
Because everybody haven't received our news, I'm really sorry about it. However, even though I haven't had much activities, I've felt that I've learned a lot of things.
I hope everybody has accomplished a lot throughout the past seven months. Today, I came here to leave a message only with that wish!
I hope all my loving Chocolates will live each day to the fullest, use each opportunity to the fullest... Work hard in your studies, gain more experience, to create your own path!
We all have to work hard!!


Been so so so long since I last left a message! I really miss everybody! Has everyone has been doing well lately? My new single will be released during October. I know everybody has been waiting for a long time, and I'm really sorry to have you guys wait so long. This new single, I really like it, especially the A-side. Very touching. Also this time, the MV is filmed with Super Junior's Donghae. The content is pretty good. Don't be impatient, Liyin will come back immediately! I hope this time, I can be with you guys even closer, with even more interactions! School's starting now over here. I hope everybody will study hard, to welcome a new semester!! Work hard, everybody! Jiayou, I love you guys!!

Source: Baidu, ifensi
Translations: Wendy @ Chocolyn
Please do not repost translations without permission!

AHASDFKSAFJASGFJA I MISS HER SO MUCH. October is too long a wait for me~~ T____T

P.S. Baidu is part Google, and part gigantic public message board. ifensi is Liyin's official Chinese fansite. :)
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