Eterni (tempestdance) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

[MV] Seo Tai Ji - (Band ver.)


Be prepared everybody and better not cry
Hope that a miracle for you come to this town
You better be cautious of all
(Just like a butterfly to check and verify)
Because the santa is coming soon
I'll grant you all something generous
(a dream just for tonight Like a TV Show)
or not... take it all away
The red christmas wine that captured the innocent witch
Too Legit but in a Tricky way
Don't cry child, there was never a cut for you in the first place, do you still believe in Santa?
Here! Trick or Treat!
I too have become Santa with just a bigger body
Look at this even my belly is now greasy/fat
From now on I will be on your side (quit dreaming)
(a dream just for tonight Like a TV Show)
Shut up and just laugh away
How do you like the new policy we've pondered overnight
We'll give you fright and give you gifts
To the world that wanted compassion
From the Cradle to Grave From the Cradle to Grave
I'm Slave of comfort But sweet cake
I'm told that I'm an impure spec crossed off the list
He's Checking it double
You Better not cry

*itaclized is lyrics originally in English
Tags: music video, seo taiji
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