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Epik High - New MV Teaser for Born Hater

Album Commentary for Born Hater

Track 8 | Born Hater

“Whatever I does receive thousands of reactions. You don’t know you’re saying cruel words because it’s in your nature”

A song that conveys your tired feelings on Haters,Obstructionists, Disruptive. Epik High, Beenzino , Verbal Jint, Winner’s Song Minho, B.I,Bobby; Senior and rookie’s different perspective on ‘haters’.  Old school hiphop matched with drum and bass, together with Tukutz Dj-ing added with the rappers harmonious voices.

Epik High is claiming Hanbin as theirs LOL. I'm also building a post with all the polaroids on Tablo's Instagram and Mitra's comments about them on Twitter...but it is taking FOREVER. I'm home sick and my mind isn't cooperating with translating Korean today Apparently Hanbin (BI) co-composed the track with Tukutz and composed the melody even though he's not old enough to actually buy it.

Source: YG Life Icarus Walks
Tags: comebacks, epik high, ikon, teaser, yg entertainment
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