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Lee Min Jing gave up opportunity to appear in G-Dragon’s MV

source: bigbang.wordpress

Lee Min Jung, best known for her role as Gu Jun Pyo’s fiancée in popular drama "Boys Before Flowers", was originally the female lead in G-Dragon’s MV for his first solo album. However, she gave up the opportunity and instead, starred in newbie group December’s MV.

As G-Dragon’s "Hearbreaker" album is enjoying record-breaking sales and extreme popularity, netizens were naturally curious about the reason behind Lee Min Jung’s decision.

In reply, December’s agency CS Happy Entertainment said that ‘Before Lee Min Jung became popular, she starred in Zia’s MV ‘Violin’. Hence, she was grateful for the opportunity we had given her then and hence decides to star in December’s MV.’ It was then said that the schedules would clash and that she would be unable to take part in G-Dragon’s MV.

As an insider in the K-pop industry put it ‘Although I understand her point of gratitude, isn’t it a waste to give up on such a great opportunity?’

According to CS Happy Entertainment, ‘At first, Lee Ming Jung didn’t know that she was invited to take part in GD’s MV. It is rare these days that an artiste will give up such a great opportunity and we are really grateful.’

It's nice that she didn't mind being in an mv of a newbie group
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