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Magnificent, Moody Model Choi Minho for Cosmopolitan


q: it’s been a while since you’ve had any activities in korea. how have you been during that period of time?
a: even though we haven’t released an album in korea, we released our 3rd japanese album “I’m your Boy” in japan. with the release of the album, we’ll be touring throughout 20 cities with 30 concerts until december 17. we’ve been very busy preparing for the concert and i felt spiritless. just as i had time before going to japan, i went to finland ((for the photoshoot))

q: how was your trip to finland this time? did you manage to release your stress from daily life?
a: i was nervous the day before leaving and couldn’t sleep. it’s my first time going to europe by myself. it’ll most likely become a memory that i can never forget forever. actually, since i’ve been living a busy life, having a free time without expecting it is an unfamiliar thing to me. i feel like i travelled to a different world for 6 days and 4 nights. “ah, so this is how people go for holidays” i felt this for the first time

q: i understand that you’ve been very busy after coming home from your trip. so did you feel that this trip is something special?
a: right after i came back from the holiday, our japan tour schedule started. i’ve been spending the days intensively but thanks to the memories from the trip, i’m enduring it well. yesterday, i felt asleep seeing the pictures i took when i was in Helsinki. ever since i debuted, i’ve been impatiently trying to chase after something. that’s when i thought that “by striving hard a little, i can live peacefully and comfortably”. maybe we can say that this trip has given me some enlightment on how it’ll become a help for me will in the future? hahaha

q: what was your impression on Helsinki? was it the same as what you imagined before going?
a: i imagined that it’ll be the same as the famous attractions in europe, like the eiffel tower in paris, colosseum in italy. but it was different from the start in northern europe. something like, an unknown land? my ultimate opinion, it was very quiet and peaceful that it surprised me. and the natives’ expression were surprisingly bright and happy so it left me with a deep impression

q: personally, minho ssi’s delighted image when you were riding the tram is still vivid.
a: that’s true. i had to do something that i couldn’t in korea. sitting on the park’s bench and breathing in fresh air, buying and eating ice cream on the streets, and i went to the museum too. i still remember getting on the wrong bus then getting off halfway and taking another one. oh yeah, and i went to a small mountain cabin and drank hot choco. it was strange because i did things that i never imagined without any hindrance. i treasure each and every memory and it’ll stay with me for a very long time


q: you travelled far for this trip and i’m glad it became a positive energy for you
a: actually, i was sort of restless and nervous because we seldom had any activities in korea this year. if i’m not busy, i feel weird and become restless. but after i enjoyed this holiday, i managed to organise my thoughts and felt my head become lighter. i want to carry the precious connection with the people i met through this trip for a long time

q: you study before you sleep? that’s surprising
a: before this, if i’m sleepy, i fall asleep the moment i lay down. but lately, i’ve been thinking a lot before i sleep. something about balancing the life between SHINee’s minho and minho, a 24 year old man. things like “what am i missing..?” “i should act more like an adult”. am i too philosophical?

q: lately, you’ve been thinking entirely about your japanese activities and concert only?
a: it’s not easy since we were busy preparing for the concert and absorbing the schedules we have during the start of our concert. but thanks to that, i’ve began to think that i should take good care of my health. every time during the concert we’ll think “once the concert is over, we should quickly sleep” but once the concert is over and we’re given personal time, sleep doesn’t come. lately, i’ve been spending my time learning japanese by watching japanese animation

q: you’re very much of an adult now but you’re concerned about becoming more matured?
a: because it’s already 7 years since i debuted. i’m starting to feel it because time is passing really fast. i started at a young age and had activities without rest, i feel like it’s rushing through. there’s no time that i can look back to. through this trip, i look back at the days i spent calmly and orderly and tried making small plans. if i strive for some free time by working hard no matter how busy i am, i feel like i can make plans on my own now to make myself grow more. even though i have to spend the future meaningfully, i feel like i have to live a life as a bright young man according to my age

q: if that’s so, what kind of image is very minho-like?
a: there’s none. i’m not the type to plan something bombastic for the future. just that during that particular moment, i act faithfully and honestly, and try living without fearing anything. also, treasuring my health and my family. even more, i want to place more value at the pride of being a SHINee member.


q: since you brought up about your family, i thought it was cool how you bought your parents a couple bracelet at the holiday destination
a: even though i’ve traveled overseas a lot, i’ve almost never bought gifts for my parents. because i didn’t have the time to. i was visiting the open market at Helsinki and that bracelet kept coming into my mind. like it would be good if i bought it. after coming home, i gave to my mother and she was really touched! tears started forming in her eyes

q: i’m curious on how would you like to spend your remaining 20s an what kind of artist do you want to become?
a: obviously, the position i am standin in right now. i’m someone who appears on TV so i need to devote myself to that. it’ll be nice if people can be happy and glad to see the me who appears on TV. i hope to become someone comforting to people’s tiring and difficult moments. someone who can give out positive energy to a lot of people. of course i’m human too. i have times when my emotions are unstable, tired, or irritated but i have to strive hard to find a place of my own. it always come across my mind that there are people who face worse than me. but if i can control my emotions, wouldn’t the people who look at me also gain some positive emotions?

q: for that, it’s important to spend your personal time cheerfully
a: yes, i don’t talk about work seriously when i meet dong bang shin ki’s changmin and super junior’s kyuhyun. we usually talk about trivial things. that’s right, we mostly talk about light things that we can laugh about as we walk.

q: is there something special you want to do once this concert is over?
a: i really want to go for a trip alone. from booking the flight ticket, on the spot lodging, eateries etc etc. i want to enjoy a holiday where i overcome everything by myself. because sometime ago, changmin-hyung went to europe for a holiday by himself. i received the traveling books changmin hyung marked so i want to go too.

q: lastly, i heard you have something you must say to fans who are waiting for SHINee and minho?
a: i’m always at the receiving end when it comes to fans’ love. i was worrying on how should i communicate with fans so i’m glad i got to talk to fans through this interview. it’s a personal photoshoot in a long time, so it’ll be good if it can become a surprise present to fans. i’ll come home after completing our japan tour in good health so please don’t forget SHINee and me, minho, and please continue to support us. until we again on the stage!


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(Sorry, mods. Third time's the charm!) I kept the pics b/c this is a bit of a longer read and everyone appreciates eye candy.
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