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Jung Il Woo Injures His Face at Drama Site Due to Bowstring

Jung Il Woo has injured his face while filming his drama.

Star K Entertainment, Jung Il Woo’s agency, revealed on October 20, “Jung Il Woo injured the area around his eyes while filming MBC’s The Night Watchman’s Journal last weekend.”

The agency rep explained, “He injured his face when he was filming the scene where he pulls the bowstring, which broke off. He got a cut about 3 centimeters long next to his eyebrow so he received emergency treatment right away to finish filming and received hospital treatment afterwards.”

The agency rep added, “The injury is not serious and he is currently attending the last filming session on October 20. He will also be attending the after party on October 21.”

The Night Watchman’s Journal has two more episodes to air and will end with the 24th episode airing on October 21.

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo will be launching his fan meeting in Korea titled IlWoo Together on November 22 in The K Art Hall, Yangjae-dong.
source: mwave
Tags: actor/actress, drama, health
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