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See stars transform on and off stage!

Stars all appear glam and cool on stage. But they also have a side of them which is simple and plain. Because the stars we seeing walking on the streets look normal like anybody else, taking a 180 degrees transformation from how they look like on stage.

Stars don the casual look when they are outside, the hairstyles and accessories they carry also changes – with either no makeup or they will go with sunglasses or hats.

A Sports Seoul reporter sports some of the stars and their features on and offstage.

* Solbi – Cuteness VS Sexiness

Solbi is one star who enjoys feminine style and fashion. She loves to don the one-piece. She would usually appear with matured style makeup giving the sexy look.

But on this day, she dons a black see-through with hot pants, and paired it with bug-eye sunglasses. The cuteness shows with her hair pulled back in a bun and her fresh face revealed.

* Lee MinHo – Even the fresh face gives an edge

Lee MinHo loves to don black outfits. He gives off the clean and neat ‘prince’ feeling like his features in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’

But on a normal day, Lee MinHo is a little different. Wearing a grey tee and black pants, he looks comfortable. And for his hairstyle, he did not had any hair wax on, we can see his calm aura together with what seems like a student’s features.

* Lee ShiYoung – Shining no-makeup

Lee ShiYoung likes to go with the long pants and heels natural style.

But on the other day, off the eyes of the media, she likes a more easy-going style. In the photo, she is seen with a black padding coat and jumper pants, holding a big bag and had her hair tied back. A very sporty look.

And she doesn’t wear much makeup but protects her face under the cap and sunglasses.

* Kwon Sang Woo – Causal is the way to go on a normal day

On official occasions, Kwon Sang Woo will go with black suits with a dandy boy image.

But on a normal day, you can see that he dons a causal style when he hits the streets – with boots-cut long pants and wide sunglasses, he also likes to wear different types of hats out.

* WonderGirls – With confidence and individuality

WonderGirls would usually don one-piece on stage. And they are also known for their exaggerating makeup and hairstyles.

But the WonderGirls at the airport is totally different. Black is their main fashion colour concept and they would look chic and gives out a real neat feeling with their clothes.

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