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BLOOD TYPES WITH GOT7 (週刊女性 Interview)


The 7 captivating members are finally making their Japanese debut on October 22nd!

JB: I’m really happy to be given such a great opportunity.

Mark: Our debut title track, ‘Around the World’, is a hip hop song that everyone will like.

Jr.: Especially the choreography during the chorus, it’s very special and it’s also easy to imitate, I hope that everyone can dance with us after they learn!

As the first title track for your debut in Japan, the 7 members must have gone through a tough Japanese recording process. Was is very difficult?

JB: The desire to sing well was very strong, so we were even more nervous. We need to work harder.

Jackson: Japanese pronunciation is very hard, but I didn’t think it was difficult, because this is an important challenge that will determine our future!

The other title track, ‘So Lucky’, was composed, written, and produced by your 2PM sunbae, Jun. K.

JB: This is a very good song, we are very lucky to have been able to receive this song. During the recording, in order to help us relax & be in a better condition, Jun. K hyung constantly cheered for us, gave us encouragement and said that we can definitely do this.

For your Japanese debut, did you receive any advice (words of experience) from the 2PM sunbaes?

JB: Wooyoung hyung said to us, “Regardless of whether you are sleeping or awake, you must work very hard.”

Yugyeom: Junho hyung said, “You must keep the beginner’s mind/sincerity”. Chansung hyung told us to learn Japanese well.

Actually, before they officially debuted in Japan, the 7 members already began their Japanese tour.

Youngjae: We wanted to quickly share our music and stage with everyone, so we are very happy.

Yugyeom: Because the distance between the stage and the fans is very small, you can have eye contact with more fans.

BamBam: While on tour in Japan, if we have time, I want to climb Mount Fuji, and also try the hot springs, the type where you can be with the monkeys ♥

Yugyeom: For me, I really want to go to the top of Tokyo Tower!

Let us all look forward to the day GOT7 becomes a super group in Japan and all around the world

☆ Blood Type Talk ☆

Blood type A team: Yugyeom, JB, Mark

Blood type B team: BamBam, Youngjae

Blood type O team: Jackson, Jr.


What do the blood type A Team (Mark, JB, Yugyeom) have in common?

Yugyeom: We’ve only now just found out we have the same blood type *laughs* Because the 3 of us have completely different personalities.

Jackson: Even though they are all blood type A, JB is closer to the B type, Yugyeom is the classic A type, Mark is closer to the AB type, but all 3 of them have a serious type of personality.

Jr.: Also, all 3 of them are good at enduring hard times, their tolerance is very high.

JB: I personally think A type is very naive/innocent, the other 2 are like this *laughs*


What do the blood type B team (Youngjae & BamBam) have in common?

Jackson: These 2 are very hard-working, once they decide to do something, they will persist to the end!

BamBam: But for things I’m not interested in, I don’t care *laughs*

JB: That’s right! For the 2 of them, towards things they like or dislike, they make a clear distinction.


Lastly, what do the blood type O team (Jackson & Jr.) have in common?

Jr.: I think our sensitivity/feelings gauge is very rich. And our curiosity is also very abundant!

JB: Both of them are like this, they will suddenly become noisy/excitable, or play a prank, you can’t stop them, the type where you cannot predict what they will do the next second.

Jr.: That’s only Jackson *laughs*

BamBam: There is a big difference when they are being serious and when they are playing around. It’s like riding a roller-coaster.

Jr.: Turns out we have a lot to say about blood types, everyone is talking more excitedly than I imagined.

Mark: Until now, I didn’t pay much attention to questions about blood types & the corresponding personalities.

Jackson: Maybe because Hong Kongers & Americans aren’t very interested in blood types.

BamBam: In Thailand, talk about blood types is very popular!


☆ Topics about attracting the girl they like ☆

When you meet the girl you like/think is great, what would you do?

Yugyeom: I will reveal my thoughts to her. But as long as you express your feelings from the bottom of your heart, you don’t have to purposely do anything to attract her. (JB: This child is very innocent & kind, he’s like a little cow that has no greed/desires.)

JB: I will talk with her while trying to move her heart. I will do it until she understands my heart.

Mark: I won’t purposely do something to attract her. I’ll just protect her till the end. (Members: Mark is like a magnet, even if he doesn’t do anything, he will attract the people around him.) What are you talking about? *laughs*

BamBam: Because I give off a cute image, I want to show a  manly charm. My masculine charm? Mmm….please ask my members (Jackson: You are very cool when you are on stage!) Then I should invite her to see our live stage *laughs*

Youngjae: I will listen well to what she has to say and make her smile. (Even though I’m the main vocal) I won’t sing for her *laughs* We’ll smile and spend every day happily!

Jackson: I won’t put up a pretense and I will show her the true Jackson. If she ends up disliking me because of this, then it will end there!

Jr.: Mine is similar to Youngjae, I will listen carefully to her words. I’ll say to her, “If you’re having a hard time, tell me right away”. (Even though I’m a bit shy) “No matter when, I will always be by your side”, I want to give her this type of feeling.

First 4 Scans are from B_G_MIHO | The last scan is from Sunshine-王嘉尔中文首站 | English translations by IGOTSubs via GOT7 Baidu Bar

Please take out with full credits.

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