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Kang Ji Young to Transform into Sexy Assassin in Japanese Movie

Kang Ji Young, the former members of Kara, has been cast in a Japanese movie.

According to Japan’s Oricon Style on October 22, Kang Ji Young has been cast as an assassin who is hired as a foreign language teacher in the film Assassination Classroom. The movie is based on a popular Japanese comic series and is set to premiere in March of 2015. Ryosuke Yamada from Hey! Say! JUMP has been cast as the lead actor in the movie.

Assassination Classroom is a popular comic series that reached circulation of over 10 million in Japan. In the film based on this comic series, Ji Young will be acting as the beautiful and friendly ‘teacher Bitchi’ who is actually an assassin.

Fuji TV’s producer Uehara Ichi stated in the interview that Kang Ji Young is well suited for the role, which requires not only language skills but cute and sexy charms at the same time.

After leaving Kara, Ji Young has been promoting as an actress in Japan and is currently starring in Japanese drama Hell Teacher Nube.
source: mwave

can we still post about her?
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