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12 of Gaeko′s New Songs Deemed Unqualified for Broadcast by KBS

Twelve of Dynamic Duo Gaeko′s new songs were deemed unqualified for broadcast by KBS.

According to KBS on October 22, after the song review for the fourth week of October, a total of 20 songs were deemed unqualified from broadcast, including Gaeko′s Rose and Crucial Star′s Busy Man.

Gaeko′s songs, deemed inappropriate, included the title song Rose as well as Snapper Ending, East, Passout and more, totaling to 12 songs.

The reasons included the mention of brands in Gaeko′s Rose, Festival Virgin, and Silver Sonata and profanity in Snapper Ending and Oh My God.

For Crucial Star, eight songs were deemed unqualified, including I′m the One, Fire, Owl, and Checkout (translated). Fire and Owl included profanity, while Checkout was too suggestive.
source: mwave
Tags: dynamic duo, kbs
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