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[UPDATE] Press Conference for ‘Cart’ Delayed Due to EXO D.O’s Fans Pretending to be Reporters

The wrongful acts of EXO D.O’s fans ended up causing issues with his upcoming film, Cart.

On October 22, the press preview and conference for the film Cart, held in Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin-gu, were delayed due to some of the fans, who thoughtlessly pretended to be reporters.

EXO D.O was to attend the press preview for Cart this day. Since there had been an occasion where the fans pretended to be reporters during the movie’s production briefing session, the film’s promotional company poured extra attention into checking the reporters’ IDs.

However, it was not easy to stop the fans, who used fake name cards of the reporters to sneak into the press preview. The press conference, which was scheduled to take place right after the press preview had to be postponed for a long time. Not only the reporters but also the director and the entire cast members had to wait.

Cart is about the workers of a grand sized market, who go against the company after getting unfairly fired. It stars Yeom Jeong Ah, Moon Jung Hee, Kim Young Ae, Kim Kang Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Cheon Woo Hee, Lee Seung Joon, Ji Woo and it is EXO D.O’s debut film.

It is set to premiere on November 13.
source: mwave


the sbs reporter tweeted that that's not true - while there might have been some fans who did sneak in (which happens at every events like this, regardless of fandom), the people were actually reporters/from the kpop media and that they only got the front row seats because they came early. they did get approved prior to the event as well. they think the mix-up happened because generally all the reporters know each other and these people were strangers.

the screen writer of cart also retweeted this, so i'm assuming it's got truth to it.
source: tempestdance
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