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Illegal Distributor Who Leaked Topp Dogg's Music Arrested and Fined

ToppDogg has caught the illegal distributor of its music.

In June, ToppDogg experienced having all of its songs releeased a day ahead of its official album release for Amadeus. After the incident, Stardom Entertainment filed a report with the police and the criminal was caught recently.

"We plan on putting lawful responsibility on the distributors and posters, raising the awareness of copyright infringement of a creative production like music, making a strong confrontation with a criminal suit, and asking a compensation for damages," said the agency.

The agency recently received the news from that the distributor who shared the songs has been arrested. With the crime being confirmed, a penalty fee has been issued. Upon tracing back to the initial distributor, it was confirmed that the computer was hacked using an IP address from Poland, and the secondary leak was revealed to have been Jung, who resides in Masan in Korea. Jung has been given a penalty fee.

With the leak ahead of its album release, ToppDogg was suspected of noise marketing. There are many cases of entertainment companies voicing strong confrontations against album leakers, but it′s a very rare event for the illegal distributors to actually be caught.

"As K-Pop continues to grow, album leaks happen frequently in the music industry. Because we think that illegal leaks underminds the efforts and sweats put into the works of the artists and agency, we believe that illegal leaks must be stopped and hope that this never happens again in the future. Fortunately, because everything was taken care of smoothly, we will not be continuing the lawsuit. If more people start realiziing that copyright infringement is a crime, we anticipate that musicians will reply with better creations."

"With this leak in mind, Stardom is working very carefully to prevent leaks until ToppDoogg′s first aniversary album release."

ToppDogg will be making a comeback with the song Annie on October 24.

source: mwave

I'm actually really surprised they caught the perp and followed through with the charges. I guess I'm just too used to the "we'll be taking action" statements but nothing being done.
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